northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Traffic snarls in Delhi


Last evening my son.Deepak,  had to leave for New York. The time of departure of the flight was 11.30 p.m.  He was required to report at the airport at  8.30 p.m. It had rained in the evening.The condition of the Delhi roads being what it is, the whole city seemed to have come to stand still. The airport is about half an hour drive from our house. At 7.30 they left in Kavita's(my daughter in law) car.My husband  also went in the car. There was a terrific traffic jam after  the rains. The car barely moved. A  large procession of cars in front of them  were  stuck  in that scary traffic jam. It was 8.30 and they had hardly covered a distance of ten kilometers in one hour. Deepak was   very tense. Whenever he goes out,he reports  at the air port through tele-check-in, but yesterday even the tele -check- in number could not be contacted.  With great difficulty,changing routes, wading through water and moving at snail speed they managed to reached  the air port after three hours drive. They were  very apprehensive whether Deepak would be  allowed to check in. But thank God he was allowed to travel. I was in constant touch with  them and felt relieved!
                                       This is the condition of roads in the Capital. I wonder what will the fate of the people who live in small  towns.  Today TV news channels were all full of yesterday's plight of the public. They went to an extent of  recommending 'portable toilets', for those stuck in traffic jams. What is the position in your city?    

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  1. That was bad. Thank God, he managed to get aboard.
    You are right, small towns are worse. In my hometown even when it rains lightly, whole city is submerged. Unplanned construction and bad roads are responsible for this mess.