northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A mystery


        This is an interesting  story of a  lion and a mouse told by my dad when we were small. One day a lion  was very hungry. He was  searching  for food, when he saw a mouse. He thought that, '' Nothing is available today, why not have  this mouse as my food.''  The mouse saw the lion advancing towards him. He humbly  said, '' Oh King of the jungle, please spare me. If  sometime you are in difficulty, I will help you''he. The lion looked at the mouse with  contempt, and said,''How ridiculous!'' The  lion  left the mouse. After some days a circus party came to the forest and tied the lion to take him to the circus. The lion was in great pain.  The mouse, who was let free. happened to see the lion. He assured the lion that he would be freed. It jumped on  the lion's body in no time cut the rope and freed the lion. The lion thought in his mind that a tiny mouse  could free him, and thanked the little mouse.

Written for @ a prompt each day  66,   Amid week wordle # 10



  1. Such an important story to remind that no one is big or small. It is the situation that gives us a push above others. Good one on the prompt Usha ji :)