northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 19 October 2014

99 club

One day a rich man was going to his office. On the way he saw a poor man sitting on the road side,eating peanuts and singing merrily. He told his driver to stop the car. He just sat quietly watching the man for some time. After he reached office, he called his personal secretary and told him what he saw. His  secretary told him,"That man is not a member of the 99 club". The rich man was confused and asked what was the 99 club. His secretary told him,"You give me 99 gold coins.I will come back to you in one month". He was given 99 gold coins without asking any questions.
                                       The secretary put the coins in a pouch and kept it out side the poor man's  hut. In the morning the poor man saw the pouch and picked it up. He counted the coins and found 99 coins. He wondered, how that pouch came there, why there were 99 coins and not 100. He thought some one will come to claim it but nobody came. This man now thought  that he must some how add one more gold coin to the pouch. He started working hard to earn one coin. He was always tense and worried how to earn one gold coin.He lost his health and was no more that happy go lucky man.As promised, the secretary requested the rich man to accompany him to the place where he saw the poor man singing happily. He was shocked to see the transformation. The secretary said, "He is now a member of the 99 club. You saw how it has affected him,"

Written for Write Tribe Pro Bloggers 79.

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