northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 17 October 2014

An Accident

 Noor Alam  was employed as a driver of a vegetable whole sale merchant. Every day at 4 o'clock he reached the whole sale market.He loaded the truck and reached his employer's shop at 7o'clock. The rest of the day he was free.He had taken up a job of a school bus driver. He always felt tired and hardly ever had a good sleep.  Some days the vegetable merchant also accompanied him to the whole sale market, 
                It was one of those days that his employer also went to the market with Noor Alam. After  the truck was loaded they were on their way back to the shop. Noor Alam was very sleepy. He was literally sleeping, when he lost control and the truck over turned. A kind hearted tea stall owner took pity on him and brought him to his shop. and offered him a cup of tea. Noor Alam politely refused and said,"my employer will not like it.""Don't worry, he will understand. You take hot tea, you will feel better."After he finished tea he told the tea stall man to arrange for a few people to straighten the truck. The tea stall owner arranged three people to lift the truck. Noor Alam was shaking with fear. "Where is your employer?, he again asked. Noor Alam , in a shivering and fearful voice said,He is under the truck."
         Ha,ha,ha ha. 

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