northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 31 October 2014

Bringing out a book, my first effort!

  After my retirement I had  nothing to do. I just learnt how to use the computer. I started tinkering with the computer. One day my son told me,'Mom why don't you write about your experiences in a book?"  His words appealed to me and I started writing in right earnest. 
                                                             Those were the days! I was completely  absorbed in writing.
Nothing else caught my imagination. There was only one aim,one target and one ambition ! To write, write and write. Old leaves from my past started opening up!  One by one old incidents, old  happenings and old  experiences started flashing in my mind. Once I took a decision , nothing could retract me to change my mind. Little by little things started moving forward. There was no day, no night and no diversion. The path was clear and was welcoming me at each step. A  beginning was made. The end was sure to  happen. Now there was no morning, evening or night. Sometimes I would get up  at midnight and got engrossed in writing. I had never learnt typing, but now I was typing on the key board  with my fore finger. By typing continuously my finger  started paining. It was swollen.  Every one started dissuading me not to write. But nothing could stop me. I  started writing with the tip  of a ball pen. Lo! I succeeded!  It became a habit. Now I  can write  only with the tip of a  ball pen.
                                              The book  was completed in three months. The question of editing arose. My grand children  offered to edit ! Seeing their enthusiasm, I agreed. Along with them my youngest brother took up the task ! The next issue was  to get a foreword written. My husband said that it would be a great idea to request our grand children  to write  the foreword.
The children were more than happy to take up this responsibility. Another thing which is unique in this book is that in the index, chapters are named, but there is no page numbering. Tha aim is that the reader must read the whole book instead of selecting the page number from the index.
                                                  Selecting a name for my book  was the next problem. Every one,who knew that I was writing offered a title . Some one suggested' My Memoirs', some said,
'My Reminiscences'.Several titles were considered but rejected. A title suggested by my husband  was an instant hit. " Reverse Gear".  The title was immediately approved with an applause. Printing was not  a big issue. A friend of my husband  offered to print the book. 
I got many drawings for the cover page. The most  symbolic cover drawing, enhancing the  significance of the title,was chosen. 
The title of my book


The book was printed.Being inexperienced there  are some printing errors,  which,  are  natural  in the case of a maiden book of a writer
  We held a small function at India Habitat Center, Lodi Road. Secretary (Edu), Delhi Govt released the book.  Some photographs of the function are  given below.

The Chief Guest, lighting  a lamp

Reverse Gear released.

A section of an audience

Address by the chief Guest
My ex colleagues                                     
I did not keep the book a priced publication, so it was distributed among  some close friends and family members. These days I am writing a sequel to Reverse Gear. I hope to complete  it within two months.



  1. Oh wow! That's awesome...
    Congrats madam...
    So happy and proud of you...

    Wish that we could get to read too...

    And, all the best with the sequel :)

  2. Congrats maam, hats off to you! :)

  3. You are an inspiration, Ma'am! All the very best for your second book! :) ♥

  4. Loove the title, Reverse Gear. You such an inspiration, Usha Ma'am. Would love to read it:)

  5. Congrats Ma'am! You are an inspiration to so many off us! I look forward to reading your books :)

  6. Congratulations, Ushaji!
    It's inspiring to know you've already started working on the sequel!!

  7. How exciting Usha! Congrats not only on the book though that is a great feat - but to learn to type and to awesome and inspirational! I would LOVE to get a copy of your And by the way, I love the title! :) <3

  8. By the way Usha, when did you write your first book? And also, I hope you strongly consider writing a book of haiku as you are so great at it! ;) <3

    1. Elly This book was written two years back. Your suggestion regarding writing a book of Haiku is good, but will some one read it?

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  10. Great going mam. Kudos to your determination and perseverance.