northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Punjabian di ho gayi wah bhai wah!

 The title  of this post, translated into English means that  Punjabis are unique and  praise worthy. This post is written as a comic post and is not directed toward any one particular person, dead or alive. Punjabi's are known to  be fun loving.

One thing which brings a smile on face of every one is  Rajmah Chawal

Being loud is our birth right and we will maintain it

Punjabi fitness mantra; A drink a day-- one  bottle a day, keeps the doctor away.

It is never 'haan' for us: it is always 'haanji'

There  is always one 'uncle' who will keep a glass on his head and dance in  every party, after a few pegs

Our families are so happy when some good news comes that people think we are quarrelling.

Kal  se daru band aur dieting shuru - thing we say everyday.

Tastiest meal on earth.......Langar

Greatest disaster on earth.......Siyapa

The 5 P's  of Punjabiat (1) Parshad (2)Parantha (3) Paisa 
                  (4) Peg) and (5) Pinni

We specialise in the art of earning Rs. 1  and spend Rs.1.5.

Our greatest tension, 1. what to eat 2. when to eat 3. with whom to eat.

Life is full of problems, but there are some  keys that can help you
 saanu key

tuannu key

aay key

o key

hoya key

te fair key        and to top it all


Thought of sending to all my friends to make them smile.

Written for Write Tribe Pro Bloggers  week 7 day 67


  1. The ones I understand are amusing Usha; however, not being a Punjab I cannot unfortunately relate and thus understand the others. Oh well! ;) <3

  2. p.s. I do not expect you to explain them to me though. No worries! <3

    1. Thank you Elly. I am glad that you liked some of the humour .

  3. Arent we a unique class of people?

    1. Thank you BK. We are unique without doubt.