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northern lights

Sunday, 5 October 2014

tea magic

There is nothing like a hot cup of tea on a cold day. It gives instant  warmth to the body.  Don't think that this is the only benefit of tea. There are many more  uses of tea, which will leave you wonder struck.

1. Tired eyes:If your eyes feel tired and are irritating,you normally keep cucumber slices or ice packs. To give you  great relief,it  is suggested that  used tea bags should be kept in the frig and can be used  to give you relief from irritation and burning of the eyes.

2  Improving the taste of meat:  Tea bag can be used to marinade meat before cooking. If the meat has become stale and hard, soak the meat in black tea. It will enhance the taste of meat.

3  Cleaning wood surfaces:Wooden floors and furniture can be cleaned by a piece of cloth dipped in cold tea water. Then dry it softly to prevent stains.

4 Remove fat and dirt from pans,wok and cookware by  just soaking used tea bags in the vessel. Tea will act as an astringent to remove the fat and dirt

5.Cleaning rugs: Just spread used dry tea leaves  on the rug for ten minutes. Then vacuum the rug. If the rug is too delicate, then brush the tea leaves gently

6.Cleaning fatty finger prints from glass:
 Remove finger prints from glass by rubbing moist tea bag on the glass surface. Spray cold tea water.The glass will shine.

7.Cleaning the toilet: Clean the stains of your toilet. Put lots of tea bags in the toilet  water. Let  them be for a few hours. Remove them gently and wipe with a brush. 

8.Getting rid of fish smell: To remove the smell of fish, wash your hands with tea water.

9.Air freshener: Tea bags have the quality to remove bad smell. Keep teabags in the  pantry, bathroom, shoes  and the car. See the difference.

10. Getting rid of bad odour from feet:  Keep your  feet in a small bucket, in which black tea leaves have been put. The astringent  in tea will remove the bad odour from the feet.

11.   Removing warts and ulcers: Soak a tea bag in water and apply it on the blister for 10 to 15 minutes. Throw the tea bag .

12. Diminishing mouth Ulcers: Heal  your mouth ulcer by biting a used tea bag,It will reduce the pain and stop bleeding.

!3 Treating burns: If there is  irritation or burn on the skin, and sun tanning use a cold tea bag and wipe. If the area is big, add three tea bags in the water  for bath.

14. Treat acne:Many people have found relief in treating face pimples by washing the face with cool tea water.

15  Avoiding Fleas: If you have pets, you can protect them by by spreading dry tea leaves in the place they sleep.

16. Protecting your hair: Put used tea leaves in a mug of  boiled water. After the water is cool,  pour it on your hair after  shampooing. The hair will shine and have a good growth. It may even give a dyed  look to your hair.

Besides all the benefits given above, a warm cup of tea can remove the risk of cancer, lower the risk of  stroke,and give you inner peace.

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  1. The benefits of tea that I was oblivious of, Usha Ma'am. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Wow! I never knew that tea had so many good cleaning properties...informative post :)

  3. Very informative. Was not aware of sooo many other benefits of tea! Thanks for sharing, Ma'am :)

    1. I hope this new cleansing agent will be of help to you.

  4. We all seem to be writing about tea, Mrs Menon! :)