northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Meera was  the only daughter of a rich business man. Meera had every thing she wished for. She was a very kind hearted child. She was studying in class sixth, in a very reputed school.  Her friends  were the children of the  peons, guards, school bus drivers of the school. She used to bring food from home for the poor children and enjoyed eating along with them. Her parents were not aware of this.
One day on her request  her mother baked a special cake for her, but she refused to eat it. She wanted only curd rice . When her father came from office the mother and daughter were fighting on this issue. Her father  took her to his room and asked her why she was not eating the cake specially made for her. Meera said,"I want to take it to school and share it with my friends". Her parents agreed . But her mother was not happy. She told her several times not to distribute the whole cake. She too must eat it. The next day the cake was packed, and she went to school happily. 
 As usual the driver went to school to bring her back. She was not waiting for the driver at the usual place. He waited for some time and went inside the school to look for her. One peon took him to the  servant quarters of the school, where she was standing and crying.  She refused to go home with the driver. He had no other option but to to go back and bring her parents. When the parents came, they were shocked to see her. One man came forward and  told Meera's parents, " My niece, Asha is a very close friend of Meera. Yesterday in an unconscious state she was taken to the hospital . The Doctor has said that  she may not survive, but they are trying to save her."  Meera's parents immediately  reached the hospital. It was only an apology for  a hospital. They got her shifted to a  decent hospital. Just when the ill child was being removed the Doctor told them that the whole night she was calling  Meera and asking for a cake. Meera's parents were touched. Asha  was admitted to  a super speciality hospital. Before they left , they left the cake there. At midnight Meera's father got a call from the hospital that Meera was stable and there was no risk to her life. The first thing she asked for, after she gained consciousness was ,'Meera give me the cake!"

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