northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Every one knows how important is Internet. Especially

 for writers and bloggers it has a place of  supremacy. Without 

Internet, we feel very much out of sorts. Do you know that this

 important discovery of science is very soon  likely to be out 

dated and replaced by another unique and unheard  of wonder

 of  science. Did we ever dream that something more superior

 will be available.during  our life time Yes, it is not a dream. It 

is  very much a reality. It is presumed that the whole world will 

be benefited  with this new discovery. It has been named 

'Outernet'. I read about it in a science magazine and sharing it

with  friends.
                                                       It  is stated that already 
 Outernet has been introduced in USA  on a trial basis by one

  ambitious organisation called the Media Development 

Investment Fund (MDIF) is  planning give free web access to 

every person on the Earth. It is  stated  that  at present only 

sixty percent of the global population has access to the 

Internet. According to Wikipedia,"In addition to 

providing free access a global notification system 

during emergencies and natural disasters.  the 

Outernet will also be universally available on 

allowing people to bypass censorship laws ." 

   According to MDIF," The initial content access includes

 international and local news, crop prices for 

farmers, Teachers Without Borders, emergency

 communications such as disaster relief, applications 

and content such as  movies, music, games, 

and Wikipedia in its entirety"

Access to knowledge and information is a human 

right, and Outernet will guarantee this right by 

taking a practical approach to information delivery.”

 Outernet’s website said. “Lack of an Internet 

 should not prevent anyone from  learning 

about current events, trending topics and innovative

 ideas.”The New York company  plans to request

  NASA to  test their technology at their Space 

Station, so that they can start broadcasting  Wi Fi  to 

web users  around the world.The project leader, 

Mr.Syed Karim, has stated, "We have a very solid 

 understanding  of the costs involved as well as 

experience  working on numerous spacecraft."

(Note the contents of the above article are based on 

information  from Wikipedia and columns from

newspapers and magazines.)

Written for Write Tribe Pro bloggers day 78

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  1. Thanks for sharing Ma'am. I didn't know bout the project.