northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 12 October 2014

grand ma's recipes for common ailments

 Some time or the other minor ailments  trouble the members of a family. For such ailments  we need not run to the doctor. They can be treated at home with the ingredients available in the house.  My  mother was en expert in  treating minor problems at home. Some of these  I also acquired from her. I am sharing  some of these remedies

1. For bad smell from the mouth:
  Sometimes we have bad  smell from our mouth and breath after eating  garlic  or some smelly  food. To get rid of this smell, take some fresh coriander leaves  and chew them for some time. Coriander leaves act as mouth freshener.

2 Constipation:

  The leaves of  drumstick  are helpful in getting rid of constipation. Boil the leaves with some  lentils (toovar dal). Add salt to taste.  If you eat this with rice or chapati, you will get relief.

3.Treatment for eczema:

Boil some carom seeds{Ajwain}  in water and make a paste. If applied on the skin afflicted  with  eczema or other skin infections, a person will  get rid of eczrma.

4. Chest infection

Boil some cumin seeds(jeera) in water. After it is cool , sip this water for two/three days, the chest infection will be cured.

5.  Strong teeth:

When you go the wash room in the morning, keep your teeth tightly pressed. The teeth will remain  strong.

6. Lack of appetite:
  If  some one is suffering from lack of appetite, the best treatment to cure it is to take a   glass of butter milk, add a little rock salt and roasted and  ground cumin seeds. Drinking  butter milk will act as an appetiser.

7.Fever and cold:

In one  cup of water add one tea bag, one spoon honey, half a teaspoon pepper powder, a pinch of salt and a little sugar. Boil it  and drink it hot. The fever will come down.

8. To cure diabetes:

a.  Grate one bitter gourd and take its juice every day
b. Chew neem leaves every day.
c. Put 4 or 5 ladies fingers in  water at night. In the morning throw the ladies finger and drink the water.

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