northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 4 October 2014

nothing but a dream

                                              NOTHING BUT A DREAM             


                                          There is this  child in me
                                         from where did love come !
                                          day and night  it troubles  me,

                                          Where is he, when will he come!

                                          There he is.Tip toe tip toe

                                           gently  he comes to the fore

                                          Blue eyes  and a bright face.

                                          gives a sweet curly smile.

                                         takes  me in his arms so tight,

                                         his lips  on my lips  entwined.

                                         I wriggle out, he pulls me down

                                      my head crushed against his heart,.

                                   oh god! whats this, JUST  a pillow.

Written for Weite Tribe Pro Blogger Week 6  Day 64.


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  1. ahahahaha....oh how funny! Love the twisted ending! Yet I can see how this can be a commonplace occurrence! ;) <3