northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Budding young boys

About two weeks back I had written about my two granddaughters. Today I asked a few questions from my grandsons. Based on the answers that they gave in an informal te-tete between me and my grandsons, I am writing  about them.
(I may mention here that my daughter and son in law, both are doctors. The elder son, Tejas  has passed MBBS and is doing MD in Medicine. The younger son, Aditya is doing BA( HONS) in Economics.
My first question is for Tejas
I:” First of all you tell me whether I should address you as Tejas or Unni, because in family circles every body knows you as Unni, and it sounds very sweet.”
Unni:  I don’t mind being called  Unni.
I: How about  you Aditya?
Appan: You can call me Appan.
I:  Unni, if you look back, what do you remember about  your childhood.?
Unni:  I remember that Mom and Papa used to leave me with you. Nana used to take me and Rajita to the mountain park. We used to play there.
Appan: I remember our Dadi was with us. She loved me very much.
Both of them  studied in DPS .Both of them were very good students.
I:” Unni, you used to take part in quiz competitions. How you got interested in quiz?”
Unni:” I used to read lot of books. I was the President of the Quiz Society of the school”.
I: “Appan, I remember that you started playing guitar when you were in school?”
Appan:” I got interested in Guitar because I love music. I played guitar on the stage in some school and college functions”.
Appan with his guitar

Taken on 11th Feb.2014 on my daughter, Jyotsna and Dr. Suri's 25th wedding anniversay at India Habitat Centre,New Delhi.
Unni and Appan with parent,grand parents and cousin

I:” Unni , when and how you thought of becoming a Doctor?”
Unni: “You know, Nani, in our house, there was talk of medicines all the time. Even on the dining table medicines were discussed”.
Appan: “ I never liked to study  Biology. Becoming a Doctor was never  my option.”
After school, Unni was selected in the medical entrance exam. He joined AIIMS.
I: “Unni, you got 1st rank in the Delhi PMT . What were your feelings?”
Unni:” I was happy. It was my luck coupled with hard work, which resulted in 1st position”.
I:” Appan, which sports are you interested in?”
Appan: “ Nani, I love to play  foot ball.I used to play foot ball in school and now in college also I play  football”.
 Both brothers have completely different  tastes. Whereas Unni likes all non vegetarian food, Appan likes ice cream, cakes  and chocolates.They have travelled a lot with their parents, in India and abroad. I asked them which holiday did they enjoy the most.
Whereas Appan said that he liked the trip to Europe, China and Seol and Jaisalmer, with friends, Unni’s  favourite destinations were Europe, Korea and Goa, with his friends.
To a question that where do they visualise they would be after ten years. Unni replied that he feels that he would be still be reading medical books, as in this profession, new  changes are always  taking over. Appan’s reply was that he has  never thought of so much of  such a distant future.
My next question to them was,
“Being a Punjabi/Malyali boy how do you feel ?”
Unni replied,” Being a Punjabi as well as malyali boy, I feel like I have the best of both the worlds. The only regret is that I can't speak either language”.
Appan replied,” I love being a Malyali/ Punjabi boy, a unique combination.”
Unni loves to read Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Appan has no particular  choice. He can read any thing which appeals to him.
I:Yesterday was your Convocation.Prime Minister was the chief guest.You have crossed a major milestone.congrats.

Unni with his parents
Congrats Unni
Now, one last question,” What message will you like to give to your grand parents?”

Unni’s reply,” : You were my earliest friends and mentors. Still I owe everything I learn to what you taught me when I was little. I wish I could spend more time with you and listen to all your stories. Love you nana and nani. :)”
Appan said,” : You are the best grandparents. I have learnt a lot from you. Love you always.”
Both of them are very humble, soft spoken,deeply religious and obedient and not like boys who are spoilt  brats.\

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  1. Beautiful and heart warming interview. I can see the bonding between you and the grand children. Thanks for sharing the love with us.
    Happy Diwali, Ma'am:)

  2. Congratulations ma on this brilliant idea. I am proud my sons and even prouder of their adorable grandma

  3. Proud to be your parents!! God bless you.