northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Property, a curse

 Last night a very tragic and unfortunate incident took place  near our house. Mr. Seth(name changed), a rich business died last evening.. He has four sons. One of them is living here. Within half an hour  the other three sons reached there. The body was in the living room. These three fellows did not even enter the room to pay last respects to their father. They locked the bed room. One of them started shouting,"Where are the keys of the locker.?" Mrs Seth is not alive. These three shamelessly went on shouting that they would not allow the body to be cremated till the they get the share of the property and wealth.They have two sisters.They begged the brothers to complete the customary rites. But no! They pushed one of the sisters. She fell down unconscious. Within two minutes, sound of firing was heard from their house. Somebody informed the police.The police van came soon after. They locked the bed room of the father. The sons were taken into custody and the relatives  performed the rites. OMG, it was all so scary.
                                              This incident set me thinking. Is wealth and property  dearer than the parents, who brought us into this world? The people have become worse than animals. Is there no sanctity in the relationship of father and sons ?Is the demand for the division of their own father's  earnings,  more precious than  parents!!  Such incidents are on the increase. In today's society  wealth and property is every thing. Human relations have no value. I am reminded of the  famous lines of a poem, "....and much it pains my heart to see, what man has made of man.".

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  1. Being rich is not prosperity.
    In olden days,parents insisted on giving values of life to their children while present generation looks for wealth